All of the Ores and Ingots can be used in other mods' recipes, because, they are in the ore dictionary. They can also individually be set not to spawn in the world by setting their generation setting in the config file to 'false'.

This mod adds nine Ores to the game, which are split into three categories - the basic, fission and fusion ores. The basic ores (Copper, Tin, Lead and Silver) can be used to make metal ingots and dusts which can be used in various recipes in this mod. They spawn reasonably commonly in the world.

Fission Ores (Uranium, Thorium and Plutonium) are used to make the nuclear Fission fuels used in the Fission Reactor. There are many types of fission fuel, they are shown below.

Plutonium is found in the Nether unlike the other ores, and is quite rare, as it is usually obtained through the processing of depleted Fission fuel.

Fusion Ores (Lithium and Boron) are used to make materials which will be used in the Fusion Reactor (a method of energy generation which is currently in development)

There are also two alloys added to the game, which are used in various recipes. 

Bronze (made from Copper and Tin)
Tough Alloy (used to make more advanced machinery)

Both of the alloys can be used to make tools, and there is also a Tough Alloy Paxel, which breaks all blocks in the game quickly. Tough Alloy can also be used to make amour more damage-resistant than diamond.

Below are pictures of these resources.

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